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Display case showing a set table with a bottle and candlesticks
A view of the permanent exhibition
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Thomas Bruns

Jewish Life and Traditions

  • What does "kosher" mean?
  • Is artificial light allowed on Shabbat?
  • Why are Jewish men circumcised?

Judaism's manifold answers to these questions will be explained and illustrated by themes such as the dietary laws, Shabbat, and the life cycle of religious Jews from birth to burial. These will not only concentrate on the traditions which have been handed down but also on how they have changed over the course of the centuries.


Jewish Museum Berlin
Lindenstr. 9-14
10969 Berlin


Grade 5 to 13

Type of school

All types of schools

Number of participants

Max. of 15 participants


1 hour


30 euros (including admission)

Educational method



Education Department
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E-mail: groups[at]jmberlin.de

... and what else is on?


Halakhah and Braided Bread—What goes into the Shabbat-Basket?

Photo: Theodor Herzl

Emancipation and Reform. Tour on blueprints for German-Jewish identity


Next Year in Jerusalem. Tour on Jewish life and traditions

Following the tour, the knowledge gained will be solidifed interactively: The pupils will plan a kosher menu and learn about Pesach as well as Sabbath, the significant Jewish holiday.

Man and woman in medieval clothing

Tour on the Jewish World in the Middle Ages


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