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Open file "Lehrerhandreichung Kommentierte Quellen zur jüdischen Lebenswelt"
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Resources for Schools

The Second Volume of the Series "Materialien für Schulen" (Resources for Schools)

"Kommentierte Quellen zur Jüdischen Lebenswelt" (Annotated Source Compilation on the Jewish Lebenswelt [Life-World]) is the title of the recently-published second volume of the series "Materialien für Schulen" (Resources for Schools) published by the Jewish Museum Berlin. The elaborately-designed and amply-illustrated workbook contains accounts of Jewish life past and present. It serves as a teaching aid for teachers of grades 5 to 13 at all types of school. The source compilation on Jewish culture and religious traditions is also suitable for out-of-school education and youth work.

The over 100-page volume focuses in its five chapters on "Doctrine and Erudition," "From Head to Toe," "The Jewish Lifecycle," "Sabbath," and "Jewish Food." From the Torah scroll to the tefillin bag, from circumcision to burial, from the kippa to the kosher stamp – the themes are presented clearly using exhibits stemming primarily from the historical collection of the Jewish Museum Berlin. Interviews with young people from Jewish high school provide further insight into the daily lives of young Jews and tell for example of the preparations for and excitement surrounding the bar or bat mitzvah celebration. The annotated source compilation thus provides teachers with ideas and materials for lessons leading up to and following a visit to the museum. The materials also have much to offer in lessons independent of museum visits and in further training for teachers.

"Sources" refer to illustrations, contemporary photographs and documents as well as interviews. Where the use or significance of an object is not immediately evident, explanatory texts provide guidance in interpretation and analysis. The book then offers helpful suggestions for activities and recommendations for further reading.

The first volume in the series published by the  Jewish Museum Berlin "Kommentierte Dokumente zur Geschichte der Juden im Nationalsozialismus" (Annotated Documents on the History of Jews in National Socialism) was praised as one of the "most beautiful German books of 2005" by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Book Art Foundation). Further volumes in the series on themes such as "Jews in the Middle Ages" are planned.

"Resources for Schools" can be purchased at the Jewish Museum Berlin bookshop in loose-leaf form for 14.95 euros or in a quality ring binder for 24.95 euros (German language edition only). It can also be ordered with the addition of postage expenses.

Publication of the JMB "Lehrerhandreichung Kommentierte Quellen zur jüdischen Lebenswelt"
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