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Resources for Schools

Learning and Teaching with the Museum
(German language edition only)

The museum as a school away from school - this approach has been adopted by the museum not only with respect to its exhibitions and tours but also with the new series "Resources for Schools." The didactic source compilation provides teachers with resources on the theme of German-Jewish history.

"Annotated Documents on the History of Jews in National Socialism" is the first of the series and has just been published. It is directed at high school teachers and pupils (aged 13-18 years) as well as teacher-training seminars. The aim of "Resources for Schools" is to provide teachers with ideas and materials for lessons before and after action-oriented trips to the museum. The materials are also suitable for use in school lessons and in education outside of schools independent of museum visits. The first volume contains approximately 200 pages.

"Annotated Documents on the History of Jews in National Socialism" focuses on original documents, photographs, and other personal certificates stemming primarily from the Jewish Museum's archive, which are so made accessible to a wider public for the first time. Divided into the three subject areas "Children and Youths," "Flight and Exile," and "The Rescuers and the Rescued," letters, compositions, boy scout membership cards, family photographs, and travel documents allow insight into the different lives and activities of Jews in Germany.

The sources retain their authentic character through reproduction of the original size and color. This layout and the selection of the sources and their presentation in an easy-to-copy loose-leaf ring binder make the resources fundamentally different from standard school books. Background information for teachers, biographical information on protagonists, and varied task suggestions complement the source compilation, as do references to media and literature. Further volumes on themes such as "Jews in the Middle Ages" are planned.

The volume "Kommentierte Dokumente zur Geschichte der Juden im Nationalsozialismus" (Annotated Documents on the History of Jews in National Socialism) was awarded a prize by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Book Art Foundation) as part of the competition entitled "Die schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2005" (The most beautiful German books of 2005).

The Jury's Comments: "Wonderful collection of resources with didactic objective: harmonious color design, well-selected resources, clearly structured, excellent quality of reproductions, attractive typographical ideas. A stimulating melange – not only for schools."

"Resources for Schools" can be purchased at the Jewish Museum Berlin bookshop in loose-leaf form for 14.95 euros or in a quality ring binder for 24.95 euros. They can also be ordered with the addition of postage expenses.

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Resources for Schools
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