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Open Tours

These tours take place on a regular basis. Individual visitors may, but do not need to register in advance. Just come and join the group!
All tours take place in German unless otherwise noted.

October, November, and December 2014

11 am  Jewish Life and Traditions (in German language)
3 pm Through the Museum in Seven League Boots (in German language)


11 am  Jewish Life and Traditions
2 pm  Snip it! Stances on Ritual Circumcision. Guided tour through the special exhibition (from 26 October)
3 pm Through the Museum in Seven League Boots (in German language)

For more information on the tours, please click this link.

Children on a children's tour
28 November 2014
Feeling and hearing History
A Multi-Sensory Architecture Tour for Blind and Visually Impaired Students and Adults

The walls slant, the ground slopes. The underground floor of the Jewish Museum Berlin, namely the axes of "Exile," "Holocaust," and "Continuity," affect our experience of space. Architect Daniel Libeskind drew on German-Jewish history in his design for the museum’s architecture. The labyrinthine "Garden of Exile" tests the visitor’s sense of balance and provides a metaphor for the loss of orientation in foreign countries. In the "Memory Void," iron sculptures to touch, hear, and smell remember the victims of terror and violence. The sounds in the axes and voids enhance the unusual sensory experience. Jonas Hauer, guide for the blind, says that, "the cold sounds are not comparable to those of any other building". In addition, tactile models of the building make this architectural interpretation of Jewish-German history immediately palpable.

For all open tours please note, (unless specified otherwise):


approx. 1 hour

Meeting Point

»Meeting Point« in the entrance hall


3 euros per person, additional to the entrance ticket

Information and Booking

Tel.: +49 (0)30 259 93 305

When: 4 pm
Cost: 3 euros per person plus admission
Bookings: +49 (0)30 259 93 305 or gruppen[at]jmberlin.de

Architecture tours for people with impaired vision can also be individually booked for school classes (from  grade 5) and adult groups (dates by appointment).

21, 28, and 30 December 2014
Happy Hanukkah!
Family festival tour with dreidel handcrafting

Each year in the dark season, the Jewish Festival of Lights comes around again. During the tour we learn the role played by a little pot of oil in the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in the 2nd century before Christ. On the Children’s Island, we see that the Hanukkah lamp has space for nine candles. But the festival only lasts eight days …!?

When: 11 am
Cost: 3 euros plus admission
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting Point: Old Building, ground level, Meeting Point in the entrance hall
Information and bookings: tel. +49 (0)30 25993 305 or kinder[at]jmberlin.de

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