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View of the exhibition "A Time for Everything," showing a mosaic from a temple and the display of "Sonderbauten: The Special Block" installations by Quintan Ana Wikswo
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Veit Landwehr

Permanent Exhibition

Our historical permanent exhibition chooses an unusual perspective on the history of Germany and German-speaking territories. Two Millennia of German Jewish History lets the visitor see the Germany of the past and present through the eyes of the Jewish minority. This point of view presents well-known historical events with a new focus and greater complexity alongside the fates of individuals and families.

Special Exhibitions
  • The exhibition "The Creation of the World" shows medieval documents, artfully prepared wedding contracts, richly illustrated scrolls, illuminated manuscripts, and rare prints from the Braginsky Collection (4 April - 3 August 2014).
  • Our cabinet exhibition "Tonalities. Jewish Women Ceramicists from Germany after 1933" presents the lives and works of Jewish ceramic designers in early 20th century Germany (from 10 October 2013 to 1 June 2014).
  • On display from 22 November 2013 to 4 May 2014, the exhibition "In an Instant. Photographs by Fred Stein" is Germany’s first comprehensive retrospective of Fred Stein’s work. With more than 130 black-and-white photos, it presents street views of Paris and New York along with portraits.
  • In conjunction with our topic in focus, the "Terezín Ghetto," we will display a selection of works by the graphic artist Bedřich Fritta, which the artist drew in the Theresienstadt ghetto between 1942 and 1944, from 28 February to 4 May (previously on display in 2013).
Rafael Roth Learning Center

At the Rafael Roth Learning Center, stories conceived as virtual exhibitions can be viewed, along with other resources, in computer alcoves.


Inside the Jewish Museum Berlin. Axes of Holocaust and of Exile and Emigration.
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Thomas Bruns

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