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Marcelo Brodsky: "Buena Memoria"

Marcelo Brodsky »Buena Memoria«

Born in 1954, Marcelo Brodsky belongs to a generation of Argentinian artists on whose life and work the trauma of the Argentinian military dictatorship have left their mark. After returning from exile in Spain, Brodsky created "Buena Memoria" ("Good Memory") in memory of his murdered school friends and his missing brother.


29 August 2004 - 30 November 2004


in "The Present" segment of the permanent exhibition, 1st floor

Using an artistically enhanced photograph of his class at the Colegio National de Buenos Aires in 1967 as a starting point, he tells of the fates of each of his classmates by way of portraits complete with brief notes. Photographs documenting the "Memory Bridge" commemorative ceremony form part of the exhibition: At this commemorative ceremony at the Colegio National de Buenos Aires in 1996, Brodsky photographed visitors looking at photos of fellow pupils and victims of the dictatorship, thereby catching the reflections of their faces in the frames. "The photos of the reflected faces are among the most important aspects of my work as they illustrate the instant in which the generations exchange experiences," Marcelo Brodsky said of this installation. Family photos are displayed in memory of Brodsky's brother Fernando, who disappeared without trace at the age of 22. A film from the family archive from 1966, which Brodsky has named "We Play at Dying", concludes the exhibition: It shows Marcelo and Fernando at play - children who feel immortal.

Partner of the metropolis program "Buenos Aires - Berlin". Organized with the generous support of the German Lottery Foundation.

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