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"Good Germans and Good Jews"

Jewish Soldiers in World War I

Max Haller (1892-1960) in Marine-Uniform der U-Boot-Flotte mit angesteckten Orden, 1917, Schwarzweiß-Fotografie

Photo from 1917: Max Haller (1892-1960) in his naval uniform.
© Jewish Museum Berlin, gift from I. Dinah Haller

The First World War broke out 90 years ago. The Jewish Museum Berlin is commemorating this anniversary with a cabinet exhibition on the experiences and memories of Jewish soldiers. Like most German men, Jewish soldiers were full of enthusiasm for their fatherland when they went to battle. The exhibition, which makes use of a rich array of objects from the museum's archives, focuses on different aspects of wartime existence: life at the front, camaraderie, anti-Semitic prejudices, the never-ending bureaucracy, encounters with Jews from Eastern Europe, injury and death. Photos, postcards, war diaries and personal objects tell the stories of wartime life.


01 October 2004 - 01 June 2005


Jewish Museum Berlin, Libeskind Building, Rafael Roth Learning Center

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