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1933: Denial, Opposition, and Protest

Unknown Reactions of German Jews to Nazi Persecution
8 August 2013

Portrait of Wolf Gruner

Wolf Gruner
© Wolf Gruner

From 1933, the German Jews saw themselves exposed to both central and local persecutions. Individuals quickly developed their own reactions to the often dissonant politics. While tens of thousands emigrated and others hoped for a change, more than just a few resisted as shown by sources – up to now unheeded – from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Leipzig.

The talk by Wolf Gruner, professor of history at the University of Southern California, describes for the first time how many Jews did not follow official orders and some even protested publicly against the persecution.


8 August 2013, 7 am


Old Building, second level, Great Hall




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This event is part of the theme year "Destroyed Diversity"

In cooperation with the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism

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