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What Should Children Read? What do Children Want to Read?

Panel Discussion as Part of Book Week "Multifaceted"

23 October 2013

Spines of books

Spines of books
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Nadja Rentzsch

How is diversity in our society today reflected in current children’s and youth literature? How can it influence readers? What determines whether the representation of a social group succeeds in a book? How can and should diversity be reflected in children’s and youth books? Which problems may arise?


23 October 2013, 7 pm


Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Academy Hall




Gesa Struve
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Maureen Maisha Eggers (Chair of Childhood and Difference, University of Magdeburg-Stendal)
Felix Giesa (Center for Child and Youth Media Research, University of Cologne)
Mirjam Pressler (children’s and youth literature author)
Nina Wilkens (Jewish Museum Berlin)
Chair: Diana Dressel (Jewish Museum Berlin)

In cooperation with kulturkind e.V.

The whole book week program with readings and illustration workshops can be found at: www.jmberlin.de/buchwoche

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