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Objects Sought!

Egon Erwin Kisch talks on the telephone while smoking a cigarette

Lotte Jacobi, Portrait of Egon Erwin Kisch, Berlin 1929
© Jewish Museum Berlin

Donations and legacies from German-Jewish families as well as from contributors all over the world have greatly enriched our collections and archives. The museum is always grateful to receive objects, artwork, and documents that will extend our collections for future exhibits and advance research projects.

Of particular interest are photographs, documents, film clips, paintings and graphic art, sculptures, textiles, ceremonial objects and three-dimensional everyday objects.

Working Life

Company histories, e.g., from the textile or cigarette industries
Trading professions, e.g., trade representatives
Craftspeople, e.g., food traders (i.e. bakers, confectioners etc.)
Professionals e.g., doctors, lawyers, journalists
Scientists and artists
Rabbis, cantors, teachers (of religion), municipal employees
Further themes of interest: Women's professional lives, "Aryanization," and "Compensation," professional lives in the post-war years

Jewish Institutions and Jewish Religious and Social Life

Jewish celebrations and festivals, life cycle rituals such as circumcision, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, weddings and funerals
Domestic festivities, kosher cuisine
Synagogues and services
Charities, logs (B'nei Brith), religious education, education of girls and women, Jewish youth groups, students' fraternities, sports clubs, community life in both East and West Germany after 1945


Zionist associations and organizations, Theodor Herzl and his followers, journeys to Palestine

Rural Jewry

Rural communities, e.g., in South Germany; cattle and corn trade, peddlers, relations with the Christian rural community.


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Please contact the Jewish Museum if you think you may have materials of interest which you would like to donate. The museum requires your name, your address, and a brief description of the objects you are interested in donating. Please do not send any materials unannounced.

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