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Academy Programs
on Migration and Diversity

Through the Academy’s programs on migration and diversity, the Jewish Museum Berlin expands its existing theme spectrum. The new domain focuses in particular on Germany as an immigration country and the associated pluralization of society.

Entrance to the Academy with the inscription "Hear the truth, whoever speaks it." in English, German, Hebrew, and Arabic

Entrance to the Academy of the Jewish Museums Berlin
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

Perspectives of Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Based on the museum’s mission to address the history and culture of the Jewish minority, the academy also provides a space for the perspectives of other religious and ethnic minorities. The programs consider not only the relationship between the majority population and individual minority groups, but promote in particular exchange and networking amongst minorities.

Innovative Approaches in Migration Research
Inscription "Hear the truth, whoever speaks it." in English, German, Hebrew, and Arabic

Inscription »Hear the truth, whoever speaks it« on the Academy of the Jewish Museums Berlin
© Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

Through different kinds of events - lectures, conferences, workshops, panel discussions - the academy creates a platform to add fresh impetus to society’s debates on integration and participation. Towards this end, discussions from the international research arena are presented to a wider public.

It is only recently that Germany has come to see itself as an immigration country. In comparison, classical immigration countries such as the US and Canada have had longer to gain experience with equality and anti-discrimination policy. The question of particular interest is therefore which of these experiences can prove fruitful in the German context.

Forum for exchange

At the same time, the academy programs provide experts with a forum for exchange on the innovative approaches in migration research. The focus here is to discuss new terms and concepts which are necessary for greater social participation of ethnic and religious minorities, and which facilitate a constructive handling of conflicts.

(Hi)Stories of Migration

A further thematic focus of the academy programs is the history of migration to Germany. How did immigrants come to the Federal Republic and the GDR? Which living conditions did they find? What are their experiences and how have these shaped the subsequent generations?

Calendar of events


Dr. Yasemin Shooman
Head of the Academy Programs Migration and Diversity
Tel. +49 (0)30 259 93 379

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