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Janine Lehmann
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Two catalogues document exhibitions from the time when the Jewish Museum was still part of the Berlin City Museum. A commemorative publication celebrates the first eighty years of our museum director, and with educational material for schools the museum enhances overall learning and teaching.

Binder with resources for schools
Resources for Schools
Learning and Teaching with the Museum
(German language edition only)
Volume 3 "Kommentierte Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im 19. Jahrhundert"
(Annotated Sources on the History of Jews in the 19th Century)

Patriotism, citizenship, anti-Semitism, migration, integration, and acculturation are all buzzwords in current political discourse. Their relevance to the life scripts of German Jews, however, dates back to the end of the 18th century. The new volume "Kommentierte Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im 19. Jahrhundert. Deutsche und Juden zugleich" (Annotated Source Compilation on the History of Jews in the 19th Century. German and Jewish at the Same Time) describes the tense interplay between recognition and exclusion, between climbing the class ladder and having limited access to careers in the public service sector.

14,95 euros (loose-leaf form), 24,95 euros (in a quality ring binder)

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