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Short History of Jewish Football

The Jewish Museum Berlin presents a brief history of Jewish football (USA: soccer) from the nineteenth century to 2010.

  1. 1.Modern football originated in 19th century England .1
  2. 2.Sport is a religion, it is perhaps the only true way to connect nations and classes nowadays - Walther Bensemann .2
  3. 3.In Germany, football was initially spurned as a foolish English fashion .3
  4. 4.Franz Kafka doubted that football would ever win the hearts of the Germans .4
  5. 5.AJAX Amsterdam is still remembered as a 'Jodenclub' .5
  6. 6.In 1933, Kurt Landauer, Richard Dombi and Otto Beer had to leave Bayern München .6
  7. 7.Julius Hirsch and Gottfried Fuchs were notorious golascoreres and German champions .7
  8. 8.After World War II, 200,000 European Jews waited in so-called Displaced Persons camps to leave Germany .8
  9. 9.German-Jewish immigrants brought their enthusiasm for football overseas .9
  10. 10.In 1948, Ignatz Bubis, the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, competed at the Dresdner SC .10
  11. 11.For many decades, Henry Kissinger kept count of the results of his favorite team, Spielvereinigung Fürth (today: Greuther Fürth). .11
  12. 12.Even though Israel's traffic quiets down on Shabbat and activities intended for the holy day include neither sport nor television .12
  13. 13.Israel's national team used to belong to the Asian Football Confederation .13
  14. 14.The (non-Jewish) Dutch football player Johan Cruyff is regarded as an honorary Israeli .14
  15. 15.Rosh ha-Shanah happens every year, a Champions-League game against Bayern München perhaps once in a lifetime .15
  16. 16.Several Arabs play on the Israeli national team: Rifat Turk and Zahi Armeli were stars in the 1980s .16
  17. 17.Anti-Semitic insults are heard regularly in the fan curves of numerous football clubs .17
  18. 18.Tennis Borussia Berlin fans still identify with the Jewish image of their club .18
  19. 19.Before the World Cup 2006, a controversy broke out about whether Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be allowed to travel to Germany to represent his country .19
  20. 20.Tattoos and public endorsements of Judaism seem to be en vogue .20
  21. 21.Even though the Israeli national team did not qualify for the World Cup 2010, Israelis will be present in South African stadiums .21
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